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Childhood Poverty Among Hispanics Sets Record, Leads Nation
Key takeaways about Latino voters in the 2018 midterm elections
Labor force characteristics by race and ethnicity, 2017
Growing Superdiversity among Young U.S. Dual Language Learners and Its Implications
Student Demographics and Outcomes in Mechanical Engineering in the U.S.
Breast cancer statistics, 2015
The Growing Racial and Ethnic Divide in U.S. Marriage Patterns
State of Higher Education for Latinx in California
A Look At Latino Student Success
Deconstructing the model minority myth and how it contributes to the invisible minority reality in higher education research
Private Matters in Public Spaces: Intimate Partner Violence against Black Women in Jim Crow Houston
Elevated Rates of Diabetes in Pacific Islanders and Asian Subgroups
2018 Midterm Elections & The Latino Vote
Comparison Of Votes Cast By Political Party June 2014 Vs. 2018
Electoral Engagement among Young Latinos
Hispanic Poverty Rate Highest In New Supplemental Census Measure
Latinos in a Tough Economy
Black Males and the Community College: Student Perspectives on Faculty and Academic Success
The Dropout/Graduation Crisis Among American Indian and Alaska Native Students
The Resilience of Native American Elders
Community Partnership to Affect Substance Abuse among Native American Adolescents
Leaving the 2-Year College: Predictors of Black Male Collegian Departure
First-Generation African American Male College Students: Implications for Career Counselors
Diamond in the Rough: The Impact of a Remedial Program on College Access and Opportunity for Black Males at an Historically Black Institution
Forced Coexistence and Economic Development: Evidence from Native American Reservations
Black Male College Students with Disabilities: The Role of Self-Determination in College Completion
Addressing food insecurity in a Native American reservation using community-based participatory research
Superwoman Schema: African American Women’s Views on Stress, Strength, and Health
Food Insecurity and Obesity Among American Indians and Alaska Natives and Whites in California
Urban-indigenous therapeutic landscapes: A case study of an urban American Indian health organization
The Historical Trauma Response Among Natives and Its Relationship with Substance Abuse: A Lakota Illustration
Racial Microaggressions: The Narratives of African American Faculty at a Predominantly White University
Reflections of Native American Teen Mothers
Factors Influencing Black Males’ Preparation for College and Success in STEM Majors: A Mixed Methods Study
Black Males and the Community College: Student Perspectives on Faculty and Academic Success
Policy Dilemmas in Latino Health Care and Implementation of the Affordable Care Act
American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health: Diverse Perspectives on Enduring Disparities
The impact of high-stakes accountability policies on Native American learners: evidence from research
Open Access Conducting Research with Tribal Communities: Sovereignty, Ethics, and Data-Sharing Issues
Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Immigrants in the United States
Cultural processes in science education: Supporting the navigation of multiple epistemologies
African American College Students’ Experiences with Everyday Racism: Characteristics of and Responses to These Incidents
Ethnic Role Identity among Black and White College Students: An Interactionist Approach
Barriers Preventing Latina Immigrants from Seeking Advocacy Services for Domestic Violence Victims: A Qualitative Analysis
Intimate Partner Violence Affecting Latina Women and Their Children
Race-Ethnicity and Health Trajectories: Tests of Three Hypotheses across Multiple Groups and Health Outcomes
Protection Order Use Among Latina Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
Exploring the Challenges Faced by Latinas Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence
Culture of Honor and Attitudes Toward Intimate Partner Violence in Latinos
“Frozen in Time”: The Impact of Native American Media Representations on Identity and Self-Understanding
Immigration and Mental Health: Diverse Findings in Asian, Black, and Latino Populations
The Angry Black Woman: The Impact of Pejorative Stereotypes on Psychotherapy with Black Women
They (Don’t) Care about Education: A Counternarrative on Black Male Students’ Responses to Inequitable Schooling
Intimate Partner Violence in Latina and Non-Latina Women
South Asian Women in the U.S. and their Experience of Domestic Violence
Abuse, mastery, and health among lesbian, bisexual, and two-spirit American Indian and Alaska Native women.
Legislating Gender Inequalities: The Nature and Patterns of Domestic Violence Experienced by South Asian Women With Insecure Immigration Status in the United Kingdom
A community-based treatment for Native American historical trauma: Prospects for evidence-based practice.
Constructing an Imperfect Citizen-Subject: Globalization, National “Security” and Violence Against South Asian Women
Cancer treatment and survivorship statistics, 2014
The Oppression of Latina Mothers: Experiences of Exploitation, Violence, Marginalization, Cultural Imperialism, and Powerlessness in Their Everyday Lives
The Transfer Effect: A Critical Race Theory Examination of Black Male Transfer Student Athletes Experiences
Intimate Partner Violence Among Asian Immigrant Communities: Health/Mental Health Consequences, Help-Seeking Behaviors, and Service Utilization
Counseling African American Adolescents: The Impact of Race, Culture, and Middle Class Status
Beyond Illiteracy and Poverty: Theorizing the Rise in Black Women’s Incarceration
Race and Women’s Imprisonment: Poverty, African American Presence, and Social Welfare
Female Victims of Violence
Racism, Segregation, and Risk of Obesity in the Black Women’s Health Study
Air Pollution and Incidence of Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus in Black Women Living in Los Angeles
Electoral Engagement among Young Latinos
Black Women Talk About Workplace Stress and How They Cope
Health Disparity among Latina Women: Comparison with Non-Latina Women: Supplementary Issue: Health Disparities in Women
Latina Mothers’ Perceptions of Healthcare Professional Weight Assessments of Preschool-Aged Children
Latina Women: Health and Healthcare Disparities
The Relevance of Cultural Activities in Ethnic Identity Among California Native American Youth
The Dropout/Graduation CrisisAmong American Indian and Alaska Native Students
Intimate Partner Violence among Asian Americans: Risk Factor Differences across Ethnic Subgroups
Chinese Immigrants in the United States
Calling Out the Elephant: An Examination of African American Male Achievement in Community Colleges
Translating Diabetes Prevention into Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Communities: The PILI ‘Ohana Pilot Project
Perspectives of Black Male Students on the Importance of “Focus”
Hispanic Poverty Rate Hit an All-Time Low in 2017
Migration status and transnational mothering: the case of Filipino migrants in France
“The mark of a criminal record.” 2003
“Black People Don’t Exercise in my Neighborhood: Perceived racial composition and leisure-time physical activity among middle class blacks and whites.” 2017
“A Theory of Racialized Organizations.” 2019
“Collateral damage: the health effects of invasive police encounters in New York City.” 2016
“Spatial Segmentation and the Black Middle Class.” 2014
“Attending to Threat: Race-based Patterns of Selective Attention.” 2008
“Black-white wage inequality, employment rates, and incarceration.” 2005
“Race, socioeconomic status, and health the added effects of racism and discrimination.” 1999
“Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination.” 2004
“Rethinking racism: Toward a structural interpretation.”1997
“A quantitative assessment of Lareau’s qualitative conclusions about class, race, and parenting.” 2011
“Residential Segregation, Health Behavior and Overweight/Obesity among a National Sample of African American Adults.”2012
“Aggressive Policing and the Mental Health of Young Urban Men.”2014
“Race, Ethnicity, and Youth Perceptions of Criminal Injustice.” 2005
“Black and Hispanic Men Perceived to Be Large Are at Increased Risk for Police Frisk, Search, and Force” 2016
“The cost of color: Skin color, discrimination, and health among African-Americans.” 2015
What’s Your “Street Race”? Leveraging Multidimensional Measures of Race and Intersectionality for Examining Physical and Mental Health Status among Latinxs
Race as Lived Experience: The Impact of Multi-Dimensional Measures of Race/Ethnicity on the Self-Reported Health Status of Latinos
The Enhanced Self-Reported Health Outcome Observed in Hispanics/Latinos Who are Socially-Assigned as White is Dependent on Nativity.
Latina/o or Mexicana/o? The Relationship between Socially Assigned Race and Experiences with Discrimination
Latinos’ connections to immigrants: how knowing a deportee impacts Latino health
Policing us Sick: The health of Latinos in an era of heightened deportations and racialized policing
Cautious Citizenship: The Deterring Effect of Immigration Issue Salience on Health Care Use and Bureaucratic Interactions among Latino US Citizens
Spillover Effects: Immigrant Policing and Government Skepticism in Matters of Health for Latinos
How Interior Immigration Enforcement Affects Trust in Law Enforcement
“Counting Experience’ Among the Least Counted: The Role of Cultural and Community Engagement on Educational Outcomes for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Students
Hawaii: an Occupied Country 2014
Toward improved health: disaggregating Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander data.
Native Hawaiian Education: Talking Story with Three Hawaiian Educators.
Income distribution and poverty alleviation for the Native Hawaiian community
The case for asset-based interventions with Indigenous Peoples: Evidence from Hawai’i
Rebuilding the ‘Auwai: Connecting Ecology, Economy and Education in Hawaiian Schools
The Integral Role of Food in Native Hawaiian Migrants’ Perceptions of Health and Well-Being
Ka’akālai Kū Kanaka: A Call for Strengths-Based Approaches from a Native Hawaiian Perspective
Adversity and Resiliency in the Lives of Native Hawaiian Elders
Being Middle Eastern American: Identity Negotiation in the Context of the War on Terror
Who Are Arab Americans?
The Impact of Arab American Culture on Diabetes Self-management Education